Rules & Procedures

Medication and Illness

If your child has any medical needs, we are only happy to help and administer the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Provided we have your written consent, our staff may give one dose of Calpol to a child if he/she becomes unwell. If your child remains unwell despite being given Calpol, you will be asked to collect your child. We insist that a sick child must remain at home for at least 2 days after recovery before he/she can return to the nursery. This is necessary for the well-being of all the children. Please note that there can be no reduction in fees if your child is absent due to illness.

If your child has allergies, you must state the details to us in written form.

Accident and Emergencies
In the event of an accident, there is always a qualified first aider at the nursery. In the case of such an event, we will contact you or the next person provided on your emergency contact list.

Little Stars Day Nursery is registered with OFSTED and undergoes checks for all its management and childcare activities, including staff. The nursery itself is equipped with CCTV to ensure against unauthorised access. All visitors must sign our visitor’s book upon entry and be accompanied by a member of staff at all times.

Equal Opportunities
At Little Stars Day Nursery we listen to the needs of any child, parent or carer regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnic origin, disability or family status. We aspire to ensure that all children and adults visiting Little Stars Day Nursery are treated with respect and valued as individuals.

Special Needs
We believe that no child should be excluded from our nursery because of Disability or Special Needs. If your child has Special Needs, please speak to our Special Educational Needs Coordinator for more details.

Late Collection Fees
Parents must collect their children on time. Late collection of a child will incur a fee of £2.50 for every 15 minutes, in order to cover our additional staffing costs.

Once you have submitted your Booking Form and staffing is arranged accordingly, it is not possible to give a reduction or refund due to a child’s absence, sickness, holidays or any other circumstances. We are closed on Bank Holidays and no refunds are payable as a result.

Leaving the Nursery
If your child is leaving Little Stars Day Nursery, please give at least one month’s notice in writing or one month’s fees in lieu of notice.